Eway Bill Login – Check and Print 2021 Latest Eway Bill

Eway bill is an electronic bill. Whenever you want to send and receive goods from one place to another, you have to pay tax if your good is worth 50,000 or more. Transporters need an e-way bill for identification and approval for the movement. After paying the bill, you will get a unique EBN code, and it will be available in the records of transporters, suppliers, govt, and recipients.ewaybill login

The bill can be generated by:

  • Transporters
  • Registered person
  • Unregistered person

Necessities for E-Way Bill Generation

  1. First of all, you have to register on the EWB portal.
  2. The bill or challan related to your goods.
  3. If transporting goods by road then you need transportes ID and vehicle number.
  4. If transporting goods by rail, ship, or air, you need transporter ID, transport document number, and date.

eway bill login

Generating  Bill

The generation of bills is straightforward. You can generate on the web or via SMS.

Steps to generate e-way bill login by the portal

Step no.1: All you need to login eway bill system. Now you need to enter your username, password& captcha code and click on login.

eway bill login

Step no.2: Click on the ‘e- waybill’ option. A dropdown menu will appear, then click on the ‘generate new’ option.

eway bill login

Step no.3: now, you have to check and uncheck the fields that appear on the screen.

1) Transaction type

If you are a supplier, then click on ‘outward.’

If you are a recipient, then click on ‘inward.’

2) Sub-types: If you selected the outward option, these subtypes would appear on the screen.

3) if you have selected the inward option, then these subtypes will appear. You have to choose it accordingly.

In these subtypes, SKD is Semi Knocked Down Condition.

4) Document type: you have to select your desired document type.

eway bill login

5) document date: select it accordingly.

6)Document No. : Enter the invoice or document number.

7) you have entered the detail from/to or to/from depending upon you are supplier or recipient.

Click on the URP option if the supplier is an unregistered person.

8)item details: you have to enter all the details of goods like product name, description, HSN code, unit, value or tax, etc.

9) now you have entered the transport details like by air or road and details of vehicles and distance

10) finally, click on the submit button. A unique 12 digit code will be generated, which is called EWB. You can print it.

GST E-Way Bill Format pdf

The E-way bill consists of two parts.

  • Part A
  • Part B

Part A showing the following details of EWB 01

  • GSTIN of recipient
  • Invoice
  • Value of goods
  • Reason for transportation

Transport document number. Part B of Form EWB 01, this field is filled by a transporter.

eway bill login

Customer care number

The help desk number is 1800 103 4786.

If you are having a log/track issue, then visit the grievance redressal portal for GST. By visiting this portal, you can report issues, check your goods’ status, and leave feedback.

You can also select the state for a specific helpdesk then mobile and mail will be shown.

Grievance Redressal Portal

This portal is specially designed for customer care. You can interact in 12 languages. Taxpayers and stakeholders can register their complaints. They can submit complaints here instead of sending emails. It is a convenient portal. You can easily explain your problem and also able to upload screenshots of pages. With the help of images and screenshots, they can easily understand your situation or problem.

Taxpayers can easily check the progress of goods by using the ticket numbers. You can also check the resolution comments in case of a dispute.

Taxpayers not only check status, report issues but also leave feedback upon completion.

www.gst.gov.in login portal

This is how the gst.gov official login portal looks like.

eway bill login

Before logging into the GST Portal

  • Services

The service option having four sub-menu. These are

  • Registration
  • Payments
  • User service
  • Refunds


You have to get registered according to GST registration limits.

eway bill login


After getting registered, taxpayers can get an invoice or challan and make payment.

User Service:

You can check services and avail according to desired.

  • GST Law

This option consists of all  CGST & SGST acts and rules, providing the latest information, updates, and amendments.

  • Downloads

The download option consists of two sub-options.

eway bill login

  • Offline tools
  • GST Statistics

Search Taxpayer

You can search for taxpayers and also able to verify the details of taxpayers.

Help and Taxpayer Facilities 

Help and Taxpayers facilities option is specially designed to facilitate taxpayers if taxpayers get into any trouble or want any information to avail of these services according to the situation.

eway bill login

News | Updates | Events

the latest information will be shown

  • due dates
  • GSTN system updates
  • change in the filing processes

Important Dates

All the important dates of GST returns are mentioned here.

eway bill login

After logging in

After logging in, you will see these options.


you will be able to view, notice, and order and create challan& new return.

ewaybill login


The service option providing six sub-option.

  • Registration
  • Ledgers
  • Returns
  • Payments
  • User services
  • Refunds

Registration menu

Registration option provides application facilities for filling clarifications, track application status, and amendments of registration non-core fields.


Ledgers menu

Ledgers service option providing the following services as shown in the figure.


Return menu

Return service option providing the following services:

  • Return dashboard
  • Manage return profile
  • Track return status
  • ITC forms
  • Annual return
  • New return
  • View e-field return
  • Transaction form
  • Final return


Payment tab

By clicking on the payment tab, you will be able to avail the following services.

  • Create challan
  • Track payment status
  • Installment calendar
  • Payment in installments


User services

User services consist of the following options:

  • My saved application
  • View/download certificate
  • View additional notices/orders
  • Search HSN
  • Feedback
  • Engage GSTP
  • Search taxpayers
  • View notice application
  • View my submissions
  • Holiday lists
  • Locate GST
  • Cause list

Refund tab

Refund tab having the following option:

  • Application for refund
  • My saved application
  • Refund application form
  • Track application status


You can CHeck how to pay your bills online by Visiting here:

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