FESCO Complaint Online 2021 – Register your Complaints

It is common to get problems related to electrical power. In such conditions, you need to register a complaint related to your concern. FESCO consumers have a great and efficient way to do this task.

FESCO helpline fsd is one of those lines that are always active. Whether you are facing a power breakdown or any other problem, you can contact them anytime. The staff will be available for your queries and listen to you for solving them.

How to Register a FESCO Complaint?

With the technology innovation, FESCO bill online comes for consumers. With them, you can get your bills without moving from your seat. In the same manner, you can register your complaint to the FESCO department online.

You can quickly get access to the FESCO website and follow simple steps for this. The steps are very easy, and you do not have to worry about them. A consumer will find it efficient to register his complaints with simple steps.

He should have basic knowledge about his electricity connection like reference number and full name. The process is simple enough that a familiar person can easily understand and complete it. You would not have to get a degree for this task.

Furthermore, if you have problems with the online complaint system, you can get a FESCO contact number. By using it, you will be able to contact any on-duty person for your concerns. You can easily describe your problem, and he will let you know how you can solve it.


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E-form Completing Process

While you are using the FESCO web browser, you will get an e-form. You can search for FESCO and go to fesco.com.pk. It will be the very first link on your browser. Just open it and you will get an option “Ease of doing business”.

You only have to open it and click on the 4th option there. The complaint form will be in front of you and you can complete it as follows.

  1. Enter your full name in the very first
  2. Add your complete address for which you are registering complain.
  3. Check whether your city or country is selected or not. If not, fill it up. You may be asked to fill the subdivision too. Enter it and move forward.
  4. Lastly, enter your contact number and CNIC number.

A consumer will also get an option of “Choose File” there. It is not mandatory at all. When you are registering a complaint about a billing error, then you must choose it. There are many other concerns too where you need to attach them, like demand notice for connection approval.

  1. You should choose this option when you have a document to attach with your complaint statement.
  2. In the last, you should click on the “Submit” or “Register” button. Now, your complaint has been registered, and a concerned department will contact you soon.

With the above procedure, you will remain away from manual completion of the complaint form physically. It will reduce your efforts to move to the office and register the complaint. You should remain stick with the above process for easy completion.

How to Track the Complaint?

It is a frequent question that how can I do this task. The process is simple as above we have discussed complaint registration. When you register a complaint, you will get a complaint number on the screen. Note it down for further procedure.

Even if you are complaining physically, you will get a specific number from the employer. Just get that number and open your browser. Go to the official FESCO browser and paste that number into the tracking complaint section. Within seconds, it will show you complete information about your complaint and progress.

What Would I do in Case of an Emergency?

Some cases require instant action for the recovery of the assets. For example, you might have to complain about the stealing of electricity in your town. In such conditions, you can use the FESCO complaint cell number.

You would only have to tell the receiver your concern, and they will work on it. If you have urgent action, but the employer is not replying to you, do not worry. You can get the CEO FESCO contact number quickly.

Fesco Contact Details

Tel # +92-41-9220184


Fax # +92-41-9220223

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