GEPCO Online bill 2021 – Check, View, and Download Online Gepco Duplicate Bill

GEPCO bill has become a hot word around the people of Pakistan. The main reason is the innovations in this category with the latest technology. Gujranwala Electric Power Company has introduced an easy way of an online billing system for its users’ comfort.gepco bill

In this regard, the most asked question is checking the electricity bill and paying it without any hurdle. The main focus of this study is to discuss this procedure step by step in a proficient manner. Let’s read it for the sake of your comfort while paying the Gujranwala Electric Power Company electricity bill online.

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What is GEPCO Bill Online?

With the innovations in technology, the world is moving towards an era of digitalization. Every person wants to fulfill his requirements by sitting on a chair or his bed. Due to such kind of innovations, the GEPCO WAPDA bill is now available with the option to pay online.

gepco online bill

It would be best if you did not have to go anywhere to pay your bill now. From start to end, from checking your bill to pay off the amount, you can easily perform this task online from your device. The only factor you have to look for is the prominent and effective method to do this.

How to check the GEPCO Electricity Bill from Home?

Gujranwala Electric Power Company has introduced a straightforward and efficient way to pay the bill online. You can check your bill and download the desired document to get in the paper form. You should not need to go for complex bill calculations, but you can do it more simply.

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To check the GEPCO online bill, you only need to know the reference number. It is a unique number assigned by the electricity company to every connection or registered user name. With this reference number, you can easily get the GEPCO bill view online by clicking only once.

You have to go to the official website and put your reference number there. Then, you will see your bill for an online view. You will see the GEPCO online bill calculator there from which you can check either your bill calculations are performed right or not.

What is the Reference number used for?

Many users only know that this unique number feasible to check the GEPCO bill. But it is not where everything ends up. A registered user can report complaints, get complete information about the owner, and perform many other tasks.

It is not difficult to get a reference number if you are an authentic and registered user of the Gujranwala company’s online electricity bill. You only have to get access to your previous month’s bill, no matter how old that is.

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Go and look at your bill thoroughly from top to bottom. You will get a box labeled as a Reference number in the left top portion. This is a 14 digit unique number that may have a touch of the English alphabets.

You note them down and paste them into your desired place. After this step, push the submit button, and you will see the online electricity bill GEPCO on your screen. With this simple method, you can find a reference number and get your desired information from the platform.

Feasibility of GEPCO duplicate Bill

Many customers have reported that they are not able to access their electricity bill. The reason may vary from person to person. Some of them have reported that they lost their GEPCO bill just after getting the print of it.

On the other hand, some customers reported that the postman had not delivered their bills to the given address properly. To avoid any case like the above-mentioned, the GEPCO duplicate bill option is available. It would help if you did not worry about this concern now, but you have to learn the effective process to get this feature.

GEPCO duplicate bill download process is straightforward. A person with basic knowledge about computers and English can get this feature with simple clicks. You need to go to the bill check page of the official platform.

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Here you will see an option for a Duplicate copy of the GEPCO online bill 2020. A new screen will pop up in front of you on the computer screen by clicking on this. You have to paste your reference number in the given box without any space.

Within some seconds, you will get a new copy or duplicate the GEPCO bill in front of you. You can get duplicate bill print as well as save it for further processing.

Procedure to download the GEPCO Online Bill

Like other steps, this process is also straightforward. A user should not have to get aid from an expert in this field. But you only have your reference number. Have you noticed that the Reference number is much important than any other factor?

Yes, this unique ID has great importance, even more than the GEPCO bill calculator 2020. The main reason is that you can not even check your bill without this ID. You have not authorized to perform a single step without this number from checking to the pay button.

So, it would help if you got this before visiting the platform for any problem. By pasting and clicking the submit button, you will see your bill view with a statement of your electricity usage. A new window will pop up in front of you within some minutes.

From the list of functions on your computer, you have to click on the Save button. Your bill will be saved in your computer memory in the desired place of the user. With this feature, you can download or print your bill at that time or after that whenever you need it.

gepco bill

How to pay the GEPCO Electricity Bill?

There are multiple ways to pay your online electricity bill GEPCO. You can pay it from your debit or credit card issued by any bank. Further, you may access micro banks like JazzCash and Easypaisa. You have to go to the official platform and perform the task step by step.

First of all, you need your reference number here too. You have to paste that number in the given box with full attention to make sure accurate results. After submitting that number, you will be able to see different options related to your Electricity bill.

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You have to select the option labeled to pay a bill to paste your debit card number. By simply adding your card number, you will be able to pay your bill with simple clicks. The micro banks like JazzCash and Easypaisa have different methods to pay your electricity bill in Gujranwala.

You have to follow the given procedure in both applications step by step to avoid any mistakes. With this simple procedure, you can complete your task without any hesitation and issue.

Regions covered by GEPCO bill online

Most people think that the people of the inner city of Gujranwala can perform this task. This conception is not right at all. You can pay your GEPCO bill online from Sialkot, Gujrat, Hafizabad, and other neighboring cities. You should not have to worry about now if you know the reference number of your company’s connection.

Contact Us

You may also visit the official website of GEPCO online bill in any case of an inquiry. You will do what you want related to this platform with simple clicks and using the following section.

Contact No:        +92-55-9200504 – +92-55-9200516 – +92-55-9200592

Here you can check the Multan Electric Supply Company (SEPCO BILL) too.

Final Note

Gujranwala Electric Power Company bill has become very easy to pay for every user of the company. The power supply company has made innovations for users to make them comfortable with their services. You can check, get, and pay your bill amount with simple clicks and reading the above procedure. Hopefully, it would help if you did not get deviation from the destination point of yours by following the procedure.

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