GEPCO Complaint Online 2021 – Register your Complaints

WAPDA has progressed rapidly in recent years with respect to technology. All the concerned areas of this government body have grown much. GEPCO has introduced online services on its platform like other departments of the country.

Now, you can complete almost 90% of the total tasks related to GEPCO from home. You would not go physically to the office often for your concerns. The most admiring features are the availability of GEPCO online bills and GEPCO complaint.

In the past, a consumer was asked to come to the office physically to report complaints. For such tasks, a consumer may have to go many times to complete documents. But, it is an easy process now with the help of the online facility of GEPCO complaint.


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How to complain in GEPCO online?

GEPCO online complaints have become a common process in recent months. With consumer awareness in consumers, everyone feels it is easy to perform this task from home. No one wants to visit the office and invest a prominent time for registering complaints.

The question comes about how a consumer will be able to do this. Furthermore, what kind of documents he will have to keep with him in the online procedure. We are here to give you an appropriate way with complete information about your concerns.

Get E-form From GEPCO

For getting an E-form for registering to complain online, search for GEPCO in your browser. Open the website It will take you to the home page. In the menu bar, you will see an option “Easy of doing business.”

Just move your cursor there and stop it. Now, you will be able to see the second option of “Complaint Registration.” Open it, and you will get a form that you need to fill for your task.

Steps to Complete the E-form

First of all, you need to collect some documents related to your connection details. It will be required when you are completing the e-form for registering a complaint. Online GEPCO complaints will not be registered when you have anything missing from them.

In the very first box, you need to enter the name of the owner of the connection. You can add your full name there if you own the connection for which you are complaining. A consumer would have to provide his email in the next box. It is required because you will be informed about actions related to your concern.

For further reliability, you would provide your phone number for frequent contact. It is compulsory if you are demanding a change of meter. The team will communicate with you via that number. So, you should add the current mobile number.

Now, you have to give information about your connection. First of all, choose your city or circle. Yes, GEPCO is not only covering Gujranwala city but also other related regions too. So, you must select your circle for the exact idea about your connection.

In the below box, you need to select the division from the subdivisions of GEPCO. Here you will find an option that will enable you to choose your complaint nature. In this section, you will find multiple choices from which you have to select one.

Provide your exact and correct reference number in the next box. You would not make any mistake in this section because it will not be suitable for your concerns. It will create problems when you have entered the wrong reference number. You will find this number on the left corner of your electricity bill.

The only thing that is missing is the selection of documents. So, you can not add any image related to your complaint. But, you can define your complaint in a few words in the last box. Just click on “Register Complaint” after completing the form with the above process.

What is the GEPCO Complaint Number?

The GEPCO complaint number is a unique number for every application. After registering your complaint, you will get a unique number for your complaint. It will help you a lot when you are tracking it with the online GEPCO platform.

Also, it will be needed when a team will approach you regarding your complaint. In case of any emergency, you can get GEPCO head office complaint number from that platform. It will be helpful when you have problems that need to be resolved instantly.

It may include the allotment of illegal connection availability or any other. So, you would use that number to contact higher authorities and ask them to take action. The above process will be helpful a lot in this section. You would have to follow it step by step for better results.

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