HESCO Online bill 2021 – Check, View, and Download Online HESCO Duplicate Bill

 Check, Print, and Download Duplicate HESCO Bill Online

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HESCO Online Billing in Pakistan

As the world is becoming advanced rapidly, the old system has been replaced with an advanced system with the internet and new technologies.

The new system is more securer, rapid, and based on the latest technology. Now, you can not only check the HESCO bill online but at the same time, you can also pay the bill online.

The HESCO bill check website is straightforward to use. You can also check if your HESCO bill paid or not?

For example, You can pay the HESCO bill online through online banking, EasyPaisa, JazzCash, and E-Sahulat by Nadra. All of these methods are securer, and you will get the payment receipt afterward.

hesco bill

What is HESCO?

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company provides electricity in Sindh but not in Karachi. It provides electricity to more than 1 million people and plays an essential role in the tenable agriculture and industrial growth of Sindh’s major cities. Hyderabad is the 2nd largest city in Sindh.

Components of online HESCO Bill

No doubt, the system has become advanced, but humans enter input values. No one is perfect in this world, and anyone can mistakenly enter the wrong values.

To overcome this problem, we must know how to interpret the bill. HESCO bill calculation is straightforward to understand. No rocket science is involved in it. You might see it as challenging to understand, but no need to worry. We made it easy for you.

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Name, Address, Reference Number, and Meter Number is the identifier of your bill. The other people may have the same name as your and a similar address, but the Reference number & Meter number can’t be the same.

These are unique digit numbers code. You can see these codes on the bill as we highlighted it with a red line for you.

Reference Number: It consists of 14 digit unique codes. R or U is also mentioned in it. R stands for rural & U stands for urban areas.

Meter Number: It consists of a 6-digit number unique code.

hesco bill

Important Dates

Some critical date is mentioned on the HESCO bill. Consumers can check duplicate online bill dates of the due date and issue date quickly. You might already know about these important dates but let’s recall it again:

Connection date: The date at which your electric connection was 1st  time set up.

Bill Month: The bill of the particular month.

Reading date: The date on which meter reader took reading from your meter.

Issue dates: The date at which the company released your bill for that specific month.

Due date: The date before which you must pay the bill; otherwise, you’d have to pay additional charges.

You can also check your online bill date.

hesco bill

Hyderabad Electric Supply Company Bill History

You can check the billing history quickly on your bill. The four-column is shown on the invoice for the history of the whole year. The 1st column represents the column name, and the 2nd  column represents the unit consumption in a particular month.

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 The 3rd and 4th column is related to the bill and payment of a particular month. 

hesco dulicate bill

HESCO Bill Calculation

In this part, we will learn how HESCO bill calculation is done? First of all, the meter reader notes down the meter reading from your meter.

Secondly, he subtracts the previous meter reading from the current meter reading. As a result of these calculations, he knows the total unit consumed in the particular month.

You can also check the SCOM Internet Packages too.

Then electricity cost is calculated for these units according to the HESCO bill unit rate. HESCO bill unit rates change when the specific limit of unit exceeds. In the end, additional govt. Charges (HESCO bill tax certificate)  are added up to get total payable bills.

These charges can be of

  • GST
  • ED
  • P Surcharge
  • J Surcharge

hesco bill

Hesco Bill Complaint

If you have a complaint related to electricity, you can register your complaint by calling the HESCO complaint number. A complaint can be of electricity theft, voltage issues, and any damage to the meter. If electricity is cut off for too long or you want to know load-shedding hour, you can contact this number to get information, and you can ask for the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company bill tariff.

Hesco Contact Information

Office: HESCO Headquarter
WAPDA Complex, Hussainabad Hyderabad
Sindh, Pakistan

You can also check the (PESCO BILL) too.

Telephone: (+92)22-9260161

Email: [email protected]

hesco bill

Check HESCO Now!

How to Check HESCO Duplicate Bill Online?

4-easy step to check Electricity bill online

You can check your electric bill online in the 4-easy steps within a few seconds.

  • Note down the Reference Number from your old Hyderabad Electric Supply Company bill.
  • Now you have to type the Reference Number in the given box.
  • Click on the Electricity Bill tab for general or industrial.
  • Click on the submit button.

hesco duplicate bill

Here you get a duplicate HESCO bill within few seconds! 

 Electric Bill SMS Alert 

The management of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company has decided to launch a free Bill SMS alert service for the consumers.

 Bill Correction 

The Board of Directors Hyderabad Electric Supply Company had issued strict orders to officers concerned to improve the performance and Electric bill correction according to rules.

The Benefit of Choosing our Service

These are the benefit of choosing our service.

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  • Faster payments
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  • Environmental-Friendly option

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