HESCO Complaint Online 2021 – Register your Complaints

HESCO Compaint is an electricity company that focuses on Hyderabad and related regions of Sindh. This company has been working in the country for many years with perfect outcomes. This company covers the control of power and all other tasks related to electricity.

When you are living in Hyderabad and surrounding regions, you would be connected with them. A consumer may have to visit them often for his concerns. The tasks may cover complaint about any irregularity, new connection approval or any other.

In this article, we will tell you about some essential processes. With the following procedure, you would be able to do HESCO online complaint about your task. So, you would not need to visit the office and invest your time. You can easily do this with your device and by sitting on your chair.


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Why register HESCO Bill Complaint Online?

There were two main methods to register the HESCO Bill complaint in the past. One of them is by appearing physical in the office, while the second uses the HESCO complaint number. A consumer felt it difficult to visit the office and register his complaint. That is why the online complaint process was introduced.

HESCO electricity theft complaint is one of the most recent complaints from all of them. With the online method, you can register your complaint and wait for action from authorities. The only thing you have to do is visit the office when the officials contact you after receiving the complaint.

How to Register a HESCO Complaint Online?

HESCO does not cover only Hyderabad city but also some others. So, this question is asking much from multiple places, how can they register a complaint online. HESCO complaint Mirpurkhas is also another essential region for registering complaints regarding power supply.

Just follow the following step to reach your destination and register a complaint.

  • A user can not report his complaints online directly to HESCO. But he would have to browse CCMS that is a department of Federal Govt. It means that the consumer will make a connection to HESCO complaint number Islamabad.
  • Just search for “CCMS Pakistan” in your browser search bar. You would have to open the first website having the link of ccms.pitc.com.pk. You will see two main options in the right corner: “Register your Complaint” or “Track your Complaint”.
  • Click on the first option, and a new window will be opened. Fill the form with your original and authentic details.
  • A consumer would not need to worry about details because all the details will be basic. You would not have to look for any other thing except an application of your complaint.
  • Fill the e-form with your full name, contact number, email and other required factors. When you have done this, scroll your window down.
  • Now, fill the boxes according to the nature of your complaint. In the last, click on the choose file option. You would have to take a picture of your application and add it to that section.
  • Click on the Register complaint, and the process will be finished. You would have to wait for some days, and some concerned persons will take action upon your complaint or contact you.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, you can download the application from the play store. The application name is PMDU, with which you can complain about any dimension of the country. It is also a reliable method for this task.


Can I track HESCO complaint online?

Yes, you can quickly complete this task. You only have to visit the CCMS website and open the link to track your complaint from the upper right corner. Now, give a complaint number that you have got while registering a complaint. It will show the tracking of your complaint in a few minutes.

How may I contact HESCO officials?

If you have anything urgent and employers are not available, you can contact higher officials. A consumer can easily visit hesco.gov.pk from his browser and get CEO HESCO contact number. You would be able to contact Chief Executive Officer HESCO Hyderabad directly.

Final Note

The above process is very simple as it will not demand any authentic documentation. You would not search for anything else, internet connection and device. The process will remain comfortable and reliable until you follow the above process.

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