IESCO Bill 2021 – Check, View, and Download Online Iesco Duplicate Bill

IESCO was established in 1998 to take some about the area electricity board. The main function is to supplied electricity in the area from Attock to jehlam and from a river industry river Neelam. IESCO’s full abbreviation is (Islamabad Electric Supply Company).

IESCO consists of 108 Grid stations with a total capacity of 5,224MVH, and including AK is distributed through 951 feeders.IESCO is committed to creating an environmentally and responsible culture and foster continuous improvement.

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IESCO registration number is LO9499 under section 32 and on 1st June 1998, the commencement of business under the section of companies ordinance 1984.

  • Area of Responsibility = Total Area 23,159 km²
  • Total population = 25millon


In the past, it was a very feverish approach when someone lost his/her bill, but IESCO is providing all of their customers with excellent online billing service.

So every when can easily pay the bill online with different provided /available methods (Jazzcash/Easypaisa). IESCO customers pay through net banking because IESCO has provided the ideal incomparable internet banking.

The Ambition of IESCO:

The company aimed to gain those properties rights, and responsibilities of PAKISTAN, water, and energy of development authority comprising of administrative diminish formally identified as the Islamabad Area Electricity Board(AEB) to carry and expand business activities.IESCO is working on many projects, some areas below

  • Net Metering
  • Project Management Unit
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Secure Electricity Meter

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IESCO Build, even in this age, performed manually in Pakistan but now generates a website to check bills online for your home, shop, and office. Through the tje website, you can get help to stay updated with the latest offers/news.


This website is the first website where you can check multiple IESCO bills by adding more than one reference number provided on the electricity bill in an enclosed column.

IEFCO serves 2.8 million consumers directly. If you want to know where to find a reference number, please check the electric bill’s selection below. The reference number is specific and identify the number.

IESCO Reference Number:

A reference number is required to check the bill online so pay your bill online when you want. From home, office anywhere in easy and simple steps because IESCO provides various payment options like the official website, JazzCash, and Easypaisa account.

Reference helps you search your bill, and then you can also download or print a copy of your bill for free from the IESCO online website (

You don’t need to visit the shop or stand in line for too long; this payment method takes place in an automated environment.


Islamabad Electric Supply Company implemented a tariff for the year 2020 to calculate and estimate the IESCO BILL amount online.

IESCO Bill calculator is built for residential connection, based on consumed units and commercial and industrial subscribers. You can view IESCO Tariff and calculate your bill easily, based on the units’ rates related to consumer type.

iesco bill


You can easily get your bill from the website can get an SMS alert by sending the reference number, which is the 14 digits written on the bill, and then send it to 8398.

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How to Get IESCO Connection:

To get the IESCO connection, you have to fill and submit an APPLICATION and AGREEMENT form. (A and A form)

To understand the IESCO BILL, there are some parameters like

Date of connection:

When you initially register yourself in the database iesco connection. It was the date when your electrical connection was set up.

Fuel Price Adjustment:

FPA in electricity bill is based on fuel prices that generate from the crude oil. It is a system to adjust the electricity fee. If our government manages to generate electricity from natural resources like hydropower plants, wind /Air turbines or solar panels, etc., we can get rid of this extra charge because we don’t have to utilize rental power companies’ services more.

Tariff Rationalization Surcharge:

For all the distribution companies, NEPRA will determine tariffs and the government notify a consistent tariff.

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FC surcharge decided to be just about 43 paise per unit to ensure collection of dept servicing of the power holding privately limited.

IESCO Customer Care:

Customer can also submit their complaint directly to the IESCO CEO by sending their complaint email to [email protected]

IESCO Also, provide a helpline number 051-9252937.

Islamabad Electric Supply Company provides the clients with an effective solution to address billing demands and bring superior billing knowledge. IESCO online billing makes every compelling bill payment for paying their bills and view and receiving bills electronically.

iesco online bill

Here you can check the Multan Electric Supply Company (GEPCO BILL) too.

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