Mobilink Jazz Call Packages 2021: Hourly | Daily | Weekly | Monthly

Most of the mobile users in Pakistan belong to Jazz networking company.

This article will focus entirely on the Jazz package guidelines to increase comfort feelings while activating someone’s connection. So, you must stick with us till the last line of it. You will get the exact process to start your Jazz call monthly package, weekly package, or for any duration.

Furthermore, we will briefly discuss which requirements regarding balance or recharge might be needed to activate those call packages. Lets’ go and read every section of this dimension to make the process of Jazz weekly call package activation easy for every user.

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What is the Feasibility of Jazz Call Packages?

Sometimes, we have to say that without something, we are incomplete. In this case, we may also have to say the same statement because of the large number of users of this network. You can say that you can not make more calls in a single day without the call package due to many users of the same company from your phonebook.

For such reasons, you must activate the Jazz daily call package to avoid hurdles in your communication with your clients, friends, and anyone else. You will not have to worry about extra charges of phone calls and make the call of your desired duration by activating the Jazz monthly call package.

Furthermore, you may be able to use MBs or SMS according to a specific package after activating it. You only need to get Jazz’s desired call package and start using the next sections of this study. Because of all such reasons, the Jazz network has become an integral portion of our lives, being Pakistani.

Jazz Daily Call Package Activation

Many of us do not need a Jazz weekly call package or a monthly one because of our needs. We need to make a call for our work daily. Due to this, we do not want to invest more money while activating the call package.

By keeping this factor in view, the Jazz 1-day call package is now available in the market. You may activate your call package from a list of packages from the daily call package list. The most used and activated call package from the Jazz 24 hours call package is the jazz call package 2 hours. With this feature, the users have become very comfortable with this network.

Now, they will be able to activate the package according to their desires whenever they want. They do not have to invest more money to get their business on high levels and make it successful. The following table will discuss the jazz call package one day, including the 2 hours call package jazz.

Package Name Activation Charges Details Time Duration Activation Code
Jazz Super Plus Jazz Super F&F 500 On-Net minuets with 5 Off-net min 1 day *558#
Jazz Har Din Rs.21.5 + Tax 500 On-net minutes 1 day *114*4#
Jazz Har Din Rs.3 + Tax Enjoy unlimited Jazz to Jazz minutes 2 hours (not applicable between 6Pm-9Pm) *3000#
Super Daily call Rs. 17 including Tax 300 On-net minutes 1 day *212#
Jazz Super F&F Rs. 10 Including Tax 100000 On-net minutes 1 day *141*F&F Num#

 Terms & Limitations 

  • Service Charges may include per call
  • Will be reactivate after 1 day
  • Auto-deactivated after 12 at night

You may choose any of the above 24 hours of Jazz call packages according to your needs. In short, you will find every single box for your work daily that you may activate anytime you want. Furthermore, you would not have to invest massive money because all of these are low price packages that can be accessed by every single person.

If you are looking for an extended duration package, then read the next portion of this article. You will get your every single desire till the end of it. So, please do not leave us without error-free Jazz call package activation.

Jazz 3-day Call Package

No doubt, it is one of those packages that come into your life rarely. But you have to read about it to get them exactly what you want for your work. The list of packages under this section is no longer, but it includes only one package details.

You will be able to activate the Jazz 3-day call package with the following code and make phone calls for the upcoming three days. There is no choice in this section. So, you have to subscribe immediately if you need a call package for 3 days only.

Package Name Activation Charges Details Duration Activation Code
Jazz 3 Day Call Bundle Rs. 36 including Tax 500 On-net minuets 3 Days *211#

 Terms & Limitations 

  • Auto-deactivate after three days of activation
  • Usable for complete 24 hours of the day

Jazz Weekly Call Offers Details

If you are working with your clients on call for a long time, you would not need to activate the daily call packages. The reason behind this is you will have to pay more amounts in parts every day. But you can overcome this issue by activating a single Jazz call package for seven days with simple steps.

By activating this package, you will be able to connect with your clients without any problem. Furthermore, you may also contact your non-jazz users throughout the country with these packages. The company has given this service by including some off-net minutes in multiple Jazz weekly call packages 2021.

The only thing you have to focus on is the requirements of your work. It will enable you to decide which package from the following Jazz weekly call package you should choose. Further, you must know about your work’s working hours as it is essential in this selection.

Now, let’s have a look at the list of weekly Jazz call packages.

Package Name Activation Charges Package Details Time Duration Activation Code
Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer Rs. 115 Including Tax 1000 On-net + 20 Off-net minutes 7 Days *407#
Jazz Weekly Super Plus Rs. 222 Including Tax 5000 On-net + 50 Off-net minutes 7 Days *505#
Jazz Haftawar Offer Rs. 100 Including Tax 1000 On-net + 50 Off-net minutes 7 Days *747#
Super Duper Weekly Offer Rs. 199 Including Tax 1500 On-net + 50 Off-net minutes 7 Days *770#
Jazz Weekly All Network Offer Rs. 155 Including Tax 1000 On-net + 50 Off-net minutes 7 Days *700#

Terms & Limitations

  • Service charges will be applied on every call
  • Complete tax will be included in the activation charges
  • Usable till the 12 am of the 7th day

No doubt, all the above Jazz call packages are the best of all. But it will be better if you have looked at your work requirements. If you are also dealing with a prominent number of non-jazz clients, you must choose the package with more off-net minutes.

In the same way, if you are working with all clients having Jazz network access, then you may choose the maximum On-net minutes. Moreover, you will get a prominent number of MBs and SMS by activating any of the above packages. You have to start your package by using the above code list, and you will get a message of notification with all the services you may use now.

Jazz Monthly Call Packages Complete List

Sometimes, you have to communicate with your friends and relatives throughout the month. You can not afford the Jazz 1-day call package or Jazz weekly call package in such cases. So, it would be best if you had some modification in your call package and want it for a long duration.

This is where the Jazz monthly call package comes to your mind. You ask for the jazz monthly call package code from someone and activate it for tension-free monthly communication. Most of the prepaid customers of jazz think that postpaid customers can only subscribe to any monthly Jazz call package.

But I’m afraid that’s not right. You can see a list of Jazz monthly call package 2021 in the following table. You can replace your 3 days Jazz call package or 24 hours Jazz call package with any of them to enjoy the services without any fluctuation.

Package Name Activation Charges Package Details Validity Activation Code
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Offer Rs. 144 Including Tax 10,000 On-net (333 minutes/day and Sunday Unlimited) + 50 Off-net minutes 30 Days *430#
Jazz Super Duper Monthly Offer Rs. 600 Including Tax 2000 On net +150 Off- net minutes 30 Days *610#
Jazz Super Duper Plus Card Rs. 977 Including Tax 5000 free On-net + 300 Off-net minutes 30 Days *707*3#
Monthly Super Duper Rs. 577 Including Tax 3000 Jazz= Warid + 150 Off-net minutes 30 Days *706#
Jazz Monthly All Rounder Rs. 596 Including Tax 200 All network minutes 30 Days *2000#

 Terms & Limitations 

  • Auto-deactivate after 30 days
  • Every call will include service charges
  • The remaining amount can be checked by using the code you will get at the time of subscription

From the above list, you can easily select the Jazz 30 days call package and activate it using the concerned code. You would not have to need to go anywhere else except recharging your mobile account. With these simple steps, you will be able to subscribe to the desired Jazz call package of your concerning duration and enjoy interruption-free communications with anyone you want.

Jazz Regional Call Packages

This is not where everything comes to an end related to Jazz call packages 2021. You can also select a call package of your desired duration according to your location in the entire country. Jazz is offering its fastest services in almost every region of the country.

Whether you live in hill areas or sea sites like Karachi, you can easily visit the official platform to get Jazz Warid to call package list. Then, you only have to submit the Jazz call package code to activate the call package of your requirements from Jazz’s regional offers.

It means that you will get call packages according to your location. When you are living in Punjab, you will get some specific offers there. But if you are looking in Sindh, then you will be able to activate the call packages of Jazz specified to that region. You will not start the Jazz call packages 2 hours or daily basis of Punjab if you are not in that region.

But you will be able to use the previously activated package of your network. Jazz is one of the most admiring companies because of its possible and comfortable services in the entire country. It provides specific Jazz to Jazz call package depending on the particular region of Punjab or Sindh. You will get a list of all such regional specified Jazz call packages and their concerned information in the next table.

Package Name Price for Activation Package Details Durability Activation Code
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid Offer Rs. 115 Inculding Tax 1500 On-net + 50 Off-net minutes 7 Days *664#
Sargodha Weekly Offer Rs. 88.9 Including Tax 2000 On-net minutes 7 Days *627#
Jazz Punjab Package Rs. 8.4 Including Tax 100 On-net minutes 1 Day *6000#
KPK Daily Offer Rs. 12 Including Tax Unlimited On-net minutes 1 Day *522#
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package Rs. 12 Including Tax 100000 On-net minutes 1 Day *400#
Jazz Sindh Haftawar Rs. 210 Including Tax 5000 On-net + 50 Off-net minutes 3 Days *406#
Jazz Sindh Daily Offer Rs. 12 Including Tax Unlimited free On-net minutes 1 Day *522#
Jazz Sindh Raabta Offer Rs. 53.3 Including Tax 1000 On-net minutes 7 Days *766#
Apna Sheher Package Rs. 10 Including Tax 100000 On-net minutes 1 Day *229#

 Terms & Limitations 

  • Every offer can only be activated in the specific region
  • Karachi and Chiniot offers are only for these cities
  • An already subscribed package can be used from any region of the country


Should we deactivate every package manually?
No, some of them are auto-deactivating. You will have to check either you have selected the package with auto-activation or auto-deactivation of the service.
Are service charges be implemented on every call?
Yes, Jazz call packages include service charges ranging from Rs. 0.1 to 0.3. You would have to pay the amount on every call you make with your receiver.
Is it possible to activate the Punjab offer when we are in KPK?
No, it is not possible. You can only activate the offer when you are located in that specific region. You can only use the previously subscribed package if you leave the selected area.

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Our Verdict

You may choose any of the above Jazz call packages. From start to end, you will get complete guidance about your desired package on this platform. Whether you are looking for a Jazz daily call package or a Jazz weekly call package, you will be able to activate your desired package from the above activation codes. Furthermore, you are not restricted to use 3 days Jazz call package or any other one according to your desires. The only thing you have to look at in the above list is that either your city comes in the list of cities that have services of Apna Sheher Package or not. It will enable you to get the perfect outcomes of your desires.

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