K-Electric Bill – Check and Print Latest K-Electric Bill 2021

K-electric bill company supply the electricity in Karachi and Sindh. The city of light (Karachi) is brightened by k-electric. this company provides electricity services in Karachi and the surrounding areas of this city.

Since the company was built, there is so much improvement in its online billing system and electricity connection.

With the help of technology and evolution with the passage of time, this company makes the majority of service shited on online, that we discuss below.

Latest News

  • Gold Green Building certification. 14DEC,2020
  • It started to supply in Balochistan. 04DEC, 2020

The vision is to maintain the name!


Our mission is to provide an affordable power supply in Karachi.


Our employees are smart workers and key drivers of success!

How To Check K-Electric Bill Online?

You don’t need to go anywhere for checking and getting the duplicate bill. You can easily check the bill online within a few seconds.

Prerequisites for checking bill online

  • Consumer id
  • Account number

Consumer id and the account number is mentioned on your bill. You can note consumer id and account number from any of your previous bills. Bill can be uniquely identified by the consumer id or account number.


Now you can check, duplicate, and print bills easily. You just need to click on this site and fill these four dialogue box.

  • Account number
  • Consumer id
  • Email (optional)
  • Mobile number (optional)
  • Captcha typers

You can check your bill by account number. In another case, you can also check the bill by entering the consumer id.

 Account Number:

Account Number is mentioned on the bill. It consists of a 13 digit number.

K-Electric Bill

Consumer Number:

The consumer number is mentioned on the top right corner of the bill. It consists of 8 digits.

Captcha Typer:

Type the character you have seen in the image. It is case- sensitive.

After entering these details, you just need to click on the view bill button to further process.

K-Electric Bill

K-Electric Bill

Information For K Electric Complaint

If you have any complaint related to k-electric, you can email on this email address: [email protected]ke.com.pk

If you have a new connection, then you can register your complaint on this email: [email protected]

You can also register an electricity theft report on this email: [email protected]

You can call on these numbers for reporting: 118 of 99000

K Electric Bill Calculation for Energy Consumption

You can estimate your bill by using this calculator. In this calculator, there are five columns.

  • Appliances
  • Power
  • Quantity
  • Hour of use/day
  • Daily usage (kWh)

You can type quantity according to the usage of appliances then you will get a rough idea of your bill. The calculator will show these results.

  • Current total units consumed.
  • Energy is saved by using energy-efficient appliances.
  • Savings in Percentage

Introduction To Single-Phase Meter Bill

Green highlights

On the top of the bill, the current month is mentioned along with the unit consumed in this month.

Very next to this information, last month unit consumed is mentioned and last year unit consumed in this month also mentioned. So, by reading this information, you can make a small comparison of the unit consumed.

Amount payable is mentioned and highlighted by green color.


A small graph is shown on the bill, which gives the representation of the whole year unit consumed. You will be able to see the history of the 1-year bill in this graph.

Blue Highlights

Within a blue-colored rectangle box, a message is shown. Please pay within due. Date and save your money. The due date is mentioned in the blue colored circle.

Orange Highlights

The amount payable after the due date is mentioned in an orange-colored box.

On the 2nd page

The image of your meter, along with the meter reading, is shown here as proof.

Unit Calculation

In this part, there are four columns.

  • Energy
  • Previous reading
  • Current reading
  • Units consumed


Unit consumed = current reading – previous reading.

After calculating the unit consumed,  you will see these columns.

  • Variable charges
  • Units
  • Amount per unit
  • Total amount

In this table, the total bill is calculated after adding taxes. You can see all the details of the charges in this table.

Three-Phase Meter Bill

There is one difference between a single-phase meter bill and a three-phase meter bill. After reading this paragraph, you will be able to know this difference. The difference occurred on the 2nd page of the bill, where the bill is calculated. There is one additional column.

  • Off-peak hour
  • On peak hour

The prices of peak hour & (off ) peak hour are mainly changed. On peak hour is highly charged as the demand for electricity is high at this time.

If you consumed electricity during peak hours, then you will be charged more as compared to an off-peak hour.

At peak hour, timing is mentioned on the bill. These timing changes after every month usually.

For example

Let suppose you have consumed 100 units.

Sixty units are consumed during an off-peak hour.

Forty units are consumed during peak hours.

The calculation will look like this!

Unit Consumed Peak Hour Per Unit Charges Total
60 No

12 60*12
40 Yes 20 40*20

 SMS Registration

Now you can avail SMS facility along with a host of features with your fingerprints.

These are some advantages of SMS service.

  • Able to know load shed schedule
  • Report technical fault
  • Make billing complaint
  • Emergency outages

How to register?

Within three easy steps, you can easily get registered for SMS.

  • type REG (space) [account number]
  • send this SMS
  • to 8119

How to send a complaint through SMS?

  • Type COMP
  • Send a message to 8119

How to check load shed?

You can easily check the load shed within two simple steps!

  • Type LS
  • Send a message to 8119

Customer Care Centers

  • 118 Response Centre
  • 8119 SMS Service
  • Social Care: contact on Twitter and Facebook 24/7 availability

 Complaint against k-electric

You can register your complaint on the NEPRA. You can explain your issues or dispute along attach a softcopy as proof  & email them for immediate action.

All these details are mentioned.

k electric bill


You can register your issue by telephone.

Telephone Number: +92 51 2013200

You can also register your complaint by fax and email.

Fax Number: +92 51 2600021

Email Information: [email protected][email protected]

you can also write a complaint letter by seeing the complaint letter format from the website.

You can also check your latest utility bills online here:

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