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Online Billing has several advantages; it includes the faster presentation of invoices and reduced cost in handling page/paper documents. The technology forced everyone to move towards online billing because it can interact with customers directly online. So the MEPCO bill online is the best online billing system in Pakistan.

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What is the MEPCO BILL?

The MEPCO company was founded on 14th May 1998, and it was license by the NEPRA for the distribution of electricity. The main headquarters is in Multan, City of Pakistan. The full abbreviation of the MEPCO bill is (Multan Electric Power Company)

The MEPCO has been providing electricity exclusively and directly to south Punjab. The domestic category heavily dominates the MEPCO customer’s profile. The Chief Executive Officer of MEPCO is Muzzafar Ali Abbasi.

( working on new initiatives and significant reforms)MEPCO has also been hard at work, and it is working towards the infrastructure of electricity to save a life. People can improve their work to avoid untoward accidents and undue electric shocks for their customers and workers.MEPCO billing provides you the freedom to enjoy the complete overlook and to feel your invoices and estimates.

Provides Solution & Payment options for Mepco Online Bill:

That allows the customer to review and setup ao that invoices are emailed and attached automatically. It offered 24hrs a day, seven days a week, to obtain your monthly payment.

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MEPCO Contact Information

For any objection, concerning-scheduled Loadshedding, use the Mepco bill helpline.

Shutdown you may complain about 061-9220313, 061-9220314 & Toll-free No. 0800-63726  at Customer Service Centre Multan.


MEPCO online billing is more convenient as well as it is a safe method for you. It takes a few just seconds. It also conserves time and pays your bills. You won’t have to think of it because it permits the function to benefit you.

Your payment information is saved automatically when you entered it with just a straightforward computer mouse click. It manages business billing online to avoid data loss with this business data stored on a secure server.

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Online Billing In Pakistan

Online billing takes place in a much more automated environment. It translates into their required cost; merchants can set up payment systems that often at no upfront cost and subsequently pay the low transaction fee.

Online billing allows a merchant to go beyond geographical limitations. This can boost up the revenue from the extra capabilities brought by this system.

The MEPCO billing helps you manage your bills and provide a simple way to control your bills and have better overall money management. You can check your balances.

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Environmental Friendly

When you start getting bills and don’t like your name, you no longer liked the pages and have to pay it. The advantage of online bills are payments were receiving the paper being sent to you in the mail. It is not great for you but also great for the environment.

It makes your life a little more convenient and gives you a central location to pay all of your bills. These days were gone where you have to log on to many different websites with different logins and passwords.

The payment can be made on the bill’s due date and schedule your accounts to be paid the worry from you about remembering to pay the bill. With MEPCO billing, you can indeed send out an automatic reminder for upcoming billing and follow the notification.

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It provides the easiest way to retain customers is to make payments 100% automatic with MEPCO online billing. You can enable resurface payments so that money is paid by you more efficiently because paid it Happens digitally. All transactions are instantaneous.

It Will help you to avoid processing delays and delivers by your payment, making infrastructure electronic billing.

It can still receive money to ensure that all financial data are encrypted and protected. MEPCO online customer care helps you understand bills like the FESCO  electricity bill with the following useful contenders. These are:


Some matchless rare and unequaled numbers, alphabets, and abbreviations help any one’s electric power channel, including the meter and reference number, home address, and complete name.

Meter number and reference number:

The meter number is typically about eight-digit numbers. It Helps to find the electricity bill online easily. The reference number is a matchless modifier assigned to any financial transaction for debit or credit cards, which helps find identity transaction records.

The reference information finds quickly on utility bills as well as FESCO, IESCO, and HESCO. It will also help to point and check the online MEPCO duplicate bill.

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Mandatory Dates:

Customers might know the critical dates that help to understand the billing history. Any unpaid bill remaining amount should continue by adding with their regular bill amount these dates includes reading date for measuring electric reading from the electric meter like Reading date, issue date, and due date shows which of your bill was issued and which of your bill must be paid so it can prevent the extra charges for the delay in bill submission.

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Mepco Billing History:

Billing history shows the complete overview of account invoices issued with a downloading option to store Information. It outlines all the invoices, credits, and charges that are applied to the current account.

The history billing chart shows how many electric units have been consumed over the whole year. These units represented separately to examine why and when the electric bill of a specific month was at the high land customer can assist online service, and they will get a corresponding equivalent bill at once without going through boring policy because this procedure requires no time to you an equivalent of your account misplace.mepco bill

Mepco Provides Support:

MEPCO online billing support customers all the time. MEPCO online billing guide and help to monitor and manage activities without going outside. That personalizes rules to extract the data from the file—formats of legacy billing.

Disconnects the customers with their records and personal standards. It provides a payment transaction that can be easily managed.MEPCO online billing helo you to avoid long-term hardware contracts.

It provides a single entry point to allow customers to view record status and secure reports to Monitor performance. It controls customer contact details, the customer monthly, and annual updates.

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