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Without going anywhere, now you can quickly get a duplicate PESCO utility bill. Checking the PESCO bill online is convenient and free for everyone now.

A requirement for checking Peshawar Electric Supply Company Bill

You need the Reference Number of Your old invoice. The reference number is printed on your old bill and consists of a 14-digit number.

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Pesco Billing System in Pakistan

In the old-time, we have to wait in a long queue to pay bills, which wastes our time and energy. The system has developed with the help of advanced technology and securer connection. Now, we can pay bills online, which is fast, easy, and safe in no time.

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What is PESCO Bill?

Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO), located in Peshawar, provides electricity to over 2.6 million consumers of all civil districts of KPK.

A Different Portion of the Pesco Online Bill

In this part, you will learn the PESCO bill calculation of the electric unit you have consumed. It is imperative to understand the Electric bill calculation. By knowing this, you will be able to get answers to these questions quickly.

  • How many units had consumed this month?
  • Per unit, how much have you changed?
  • Peshawar Electric Supply Company bill unit rates or ( PESCO unit rate )?
  • Peshawar Electric Supply Company tariff?
  • Is the meter reader correctly note down the reading or not?

Let’s study each part of the PESCO one by one.


  • Name and Address: At the top of the bill, a portion of the section is reserved for the consumer’s name and address. It uniquely identifies to whom it belongs.
  • Reference No.: it is a 14-digit extended code assigned, uniquely identified by the system. In addition to this, R is mentioned with it for rural & U for urban areas.

For example, 02 13211 0424750 U.

  • Meter number: unique 6 number digit.
  • Consumer id: this code also uniquely identifies the bill.

pesco bill

Integral Dates

  • Connection date: The date at which your electricity connection was first established.
  • Bill Month: The Billing month is mentioned here.
  • Reading Date: The date at which the meter reader note down the reading.
  • Issue Date: The date at which PESCO issued your utility bill.

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Due Date: The last date for paying bills is mentioned here. If you pay your account after the due date, additional money will be charged as a penalty.


Pesco Billing history of  Previous Months

A portion is reserved for the billing history of the whole year. Billing history consists of these four columns.

  • Month
  • Unit
  • Bill
  • Payment

Here you can check the detail of the unit’s previous 12-month records, Duplicate PESCO bill payment.

pesco bill

Pesco Bill Calculator

The total Pesco electricity bill is calculated here. The two readings (previous & present) are mentioned on the account, manually taken by the meter reader.  By subtracting the previous month’s reading from the present, one will give the total units consumed, then different charges and govt. Taxes are added & at last total bill is generated. In this section, you can check the detail of PESCO charges, GOVT. Charges & bill calculation.

pesco bill

Pesco Complaint & Pesco Contact Information

You can complain about this number in case:

  • The meter reader misreads your meter reading.
  • Electricity theft.
  • Getting low or very high voltage load.
  • Electricity is cut off for too long.

You can get information if you have any issues related to electricity. The PESCO complaint number is mentioned here.

pesco bill

Check PESCO Now!

Online Reporting Theft

  • Visit the theft reporting website of the Government.
  • You can report online by just selecting a company.
  • Secondly, type the name of the person involved in a theft.
  • Enter the address of the person involved in a theft.
  • Nearest place
  • City Name
  • Type the theft detail in the text box.
  • You can also upload images and videos as proof. 

Theft Reporting:

The electricity theft law was made more challenging by the Government. Parliament has revised the electricity act to ensure various punishments.

These are some clauses

  • 462H
  • 462I
  • 462J
  • 462K
  • 462L
  • 462M
Punishment under the new law 462M is
  • Non-bailable
  • Non-compoundable and arrest without warrant.
  • Fine up to RS. 10 million
  • Property can be confiscated to recover outstanding bills.
  • Imprisonment upto seven years

Four Easy Steps to Check PESCO Bill Online

  • Note down the 14-digit reference number from your old bill.
  • Enter reference no. in the text box without spacing.
  • Click on the type button & make sure it is clicked or checked.
  • Click on the submit button to get your bill.

pesco bill

Various Method of Paying Your Pesco Bill Online

 There is a various method by which You can pay your PESCO online bill. You can choose any way from these. 

  • Online Banking

We can visit any bank to pay bills, but we have to wait in a queue for our turn. It is an old method. Now we can pay our bill through an online banking service. To avail of this service one time, we have to register, and after that, we can avail of this opportunity & no need to go anywhere. Online banking is convenient.

  • EasyPaisa

You can find an EasyPaisa shop for paying bills. Easypaisa shops are opened 24/7. You will get a receipt as proof that you have paid your bill.

  • JazzCash

The bill can be paid through a jazz cash agent. The JazzCash process is speedy.

  • E-Sahulat Nadra

E-Sahulat Nadra franchises are opened 24/7. The same as the bank, you can pay your bill through it quickly.

Benefits of Choosing our Service

The following are the benefits of choosing our service.

  • Convenient
  • Secure
  • Cost-effective
  • Available 24/7
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Can be accessed from anywhere

Easy to get duplicate bills freely now!

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