QESCO Bill 2021 – Check, View, and Download Online Qesco Duplicate Bill

The process of paying utility bills online has become most typical in every region of Pakistan. Qesco bill is also taking participate in such kind of services. It is right to say that you can pay your utility bills by sitting on your chair and using your mobile phone no matter which part of the country you are living in.qesco bill


Today’s research’s primary focus is to guide our readers about the exact process of paying Qesco online bill. At the end of this article, you will come to know about all requirements to produce your bill online. Further, you will also learn about some complexities and issues that you may have to face in this procedure in your life.

It would help if you had to sit on your chair and stick with us from your computer. By scrolling down your computer screen step by step, you will know how to download the QESCO online bill and complete the QESCO bill calculation method with qesco bill calculator. Let’s start the process without wasting much time.


What is the QESCO Bill?

QESCO is the short form of Quetta Electric Supply Company. This company regulates the QESCO electricity bill distribution, QESCO bill calculation, and all other electricity-related bill issues in Quetta. It covers the city of Quetta and surrounding areas for every kind of task related to electricity.

Furthermore, it is also responsible for providing any connection to the new consumer in the city. You may have to visit this office for multiple tasks related to the QESCO and other concerns. With technology innovation, the company has introduced the official website to access the communication team easily.


In the past, it was only used to get an idea about the load shedding schedule and maintenance times for completing the tasks without any issues. But the company has given the feature of the online QESCO billing system from this platform.

You can quickly get your electricity bill view and make it easy to complete online bill payment. In the next lines, you will come to know how to download your QESCO online bill and do further steps.

How to Check Qesco Online Bill?

For getting the online bill view, you must have to follow some steps. Without those steps, you may not be able to get the same idea of your bill or not get the QESCO bill print. It would be best if you did not avoid any of them discussed in the next lines.

In the first step, you must visit the company’s official website. After doing this, you should have to scroll down your screen for 1-2 seconds. Now, you will see the option to check my QESCO Bill online.

Just click on it, and a new window will pop up in front of you. Keep in mind that you should have access to your previous bill in paper form. You will have to put your consumer reference number in this step to complete the bill’s online checking.

Without this consumer ID, you will not even be able to view your online bill. You must get the exact number of your connection to get the precise calculation of your account. Now, you have to paste your reference number in the box without spaces.

You should follow the format exactly to get the bill to download in the next steps. Every consumer has a unique number of connections. So, you should paste it carefully to avoid any mistakes. By doing this, you will see your bill with a complete and clear picture. You can compare your physical QESCO electricity bill with the online account.


You will not find any single change between both of them. Now, the process of downloading comes in the field. For this section, you would not have to follow any complicated steps. But you have to look at the screen from top to bottom and left to right. You can easily see an option for your bill download. You have to click on it and get your account in formidable form.

You may also save the picture of the bill by using your keyboard shortcuts. But this is not the right way because you may find some print clearance issues and some others. It would be best if you had to download your bill instead of using the Save As option.

What happened if I lost My Qesco Electricity Bill?

It has been reported by multiple consumers of QESCO and some other companies that they lost their bill. For such cases, the company has introduced a section of the duplicate bill of QESCO. The only aim of QESCO is to provide comfort to the consumers. Due to this reason, they have introduced multiple steps in this section.

You can quickly get a QESCO duplicate bill by using the same reference number as the consumer. You have to visit the official website and paste your consumer ID there in the concerned box. Then, you click on the submit button, and you will be able to get a duplicate copy of your bill.

With these steps, you will be able to get access to your duplicate bill. You can download the invoice in PDF format with the simple steps mentioned above. You would not have to make much effort while doing this work.

How to Make a QESCO Online Bill Payment?

Using the online bill’s dynamic platform, you should not have to go anywhere to pay your bill. You can pay your account from home, office, job area, or anywhere else. Further, if you are out of the station, you should not have to worry in this case too. You can pay your bill by using multiple platforms offering QESCO online bill payment services.

For instance, you may use any bank in the country to pay the bill using its application. The most comfortable and used methods to pay the bill online are JazzCash and Easypaisa. The main reason is the user-friendly interface of these applications and easy access to them.


You only have to go to the online utility bill section of any of these applications and select your operator as QESCO. It would then be best to put your reference number there and pay your bill with simple clicks. From this section, you know that the reference number has tremendous importance in e bill QESCO.

It would be best to write it on paper or access your bill hard copy before doing any step related to QESCO online bill Quetta.

What is the Feasibility of a Qesco Online Platform for the Bill?

A few years ago, the consumer had to go over distances to get bill information. But with the innovation in technology and the online platform of advanced billing system, you can complete any task from home. You only have to visit the official forum of this company for any concerns.

The consumer can quickly get his online bill view and print it as mentioned already. Further, you can quickly get any information like the owner’s full name and other information. Also, you can report your complaints on this platform too.

You can also register yourself for a new connection and fill the application from this platform. In the last, you can also track your application status and take the necessary steps by using this platform. In short, you will be able to do every single task related to the electricity bill online. So, you can not neglect the importance and feasibility of this platform.

QESCO Contact Information 

For any queries related to your QESCO bill, you may contact them on the following details.

Phone Number: 081-2820497

CEO Office Phone Number: 081-9202211

Qesco FAQs

May I use QESCO online for a new connection?
You can say that you may use it to some extent. No doubt, you must have to go to the office of QESCO to get your new connection. But you may know all requirements and fill your application by using the computer instead of going to the office.
How can I know the QESCO online bill calculation?
Every calculation related to QESCO online bill has been done on the bill and written on it. Further, you may visit this official platform to know about the price per unit and do calculations independently.
What is the method of changing the owner’s details for the QESCO bill online?
The process is straightforward. You only have to visit the www QESCO bill to get the form of your concerns. You only have to fill it and submit it with the required documents. You may also be asked to visit the office with documents and application by downloading it in the hard form.

You can also check your latest TESCO BILL here,

The Bottom Line

For paying your QESCO bill online, you must follow the above procedure carefully. You should not avoid any step of the above section to complete the process correctly. Moreover, you should learn the reference number carefully because it is essential in every electricity bill task.

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