SEPCO BILL Online 2021 – Check, View, and Download Online Sepco Duplicate Bill

SEPCO bill is also available in the online format as many other electric supply companies of Pakistan. With the advancement in technology, the world is moving towards the digital world rapidly. Pakistan Electric companies are also following this method to make their user comfortable with their services.sepco bill

We are here to guide you about the complete procedure for SEPCO online electric bills from start to end. You can get access to your current bill quickly. The only thing you have to do is remain stick with us to get answers to confusions related to the SEPCO duplicate bill.

Let’s start reading the essential information without wasting time.


What is the SEPCO Bill Online?

SEPCO is the short form of Sukkur Electric Power Company that was known as SEPCO in the past. It covers the three central regions of the Sindh Province in every dimension related to electricity. Their services include the connection providing, bill calculations, and many others related to this field.

Like other electric companies of WAPDA, it is also getting innovations in its working and services. It is again moving towards digital technology to provide an online bill with simple clicks.

With this feature, the customer would not have to get his bill or report his office complaints. But every single task related to SEPCO services is available online that you may complete without going anywhere.

sepco bill

Is The SEPCO Covering the Entire Region of Sindh?

No, this company does not cover the entire Sindh Province cities or regions. It only covers three central areas of the province named Sukkur, Larkana, and Dadu. The other areas of this province and the entire country may have different companies to provide this service.

The bill calculations, distributions, issue solving, and all other problems are part of the working of Sukkur Electric Power Company. If you live in any of the above regions and have been fed up with paying the bill with great difficulties, you should read the next sections.

You will come to know about the exact procedure to get access to your SEPCO Electricity bill and to pay it without any issue.

How To Get Access To My SEPCO Bill Online?

No matter either you are working with SEPCO, GEPCO, or any other company in Pakistan, you always know the Reference number of your bill. It is available on the bill paper that you have got in the past months. On the upper side of the bill, you can see a box with the name Reference ID.

It is a 14 digit unique number that is given to every connection. Every person or consumer has a different reference number to get access to his bill online. Further, he will report his complaints and perform any other task regarding the SEPCO E bill.


You should go to the internet and type (www SEPCO com pk) online bill. You will see a page in front of you having a search box in the center. You only have to put your reference number in it and click and enter to see your bill.

You will be able to see the SEPCO web bill in front of you within some seconds. From the same pattern, you can get complete information about the owner of the account. So, it would help if you had to type your ID carefully with full attention.

This screen will also show you the exact payable amount of your bill. The status of your bill that may either be paid or unpaid will also show on the screen. Due to such importance, you must have to know the ID and fill it with proper attention.

Keep in mind that you should not have to give any space while typing your reference number. If you do this, the system will not accept the ID and will not show any consumer or bill information.

Can We Get Only the Payable SEPCO Bill Online?

Not at all, you can get any information about your bill. You will be able to get exact calculations of your bill amount by using the SEPCO bill calculator. Furthermore, you can see the complete information about the owner like who he is and others.

The main advantage that you can get with your reference number and online platform is the complaint section. Being a consumer, you may have experienced a lousy environment in any electricity providing company. You may have irritated with the behavior and environment.

This online technology has solved this issue. Being an educated consumer, you can easily report your complaints on the official electricity bill SEPCO. You have to go to the complain section and write about your concern with complete information.


The information may include the reference ID of your bill, full name, and other contact information. Moreover, you can get a complete load shedding schedule, maintenance of the lines, and many other tasks with your bill ID.

In short, you can do what you want related to the SEPCO WAPDA bill. In the SEPCO online bill view, you will see every section as the original bill in paper format. You will see the ID, consumed units, payable amount, and other essential information.

With such features, WAPDA Bill SEPCO has become very easy to check and pay in some clicks.

What Happened If We Misplace Our SEPCO Electricity Bill?

It is common to misplace the bill because it is a piece of paper. Sometimes the postman will not judge the exact address and deliver the bill to any other place. Also, you may forget the site after keeping your SEPCO electricity bill.

You have to go to the company’s office and write an application to get the SEPCO Duplicate bill in such conditions. It may be a time-consuming process for many persons. You can complete this task by calling your SEPCO Online Duplicate Bill.

You should follow some specific steps to access your duplicate bill and get a print of it. Firstly, you would have to visit the official website of SEPCO company. You will see the same box with the heading reference number you have seen in the previous section.


You only have to click on the submit button for further process. Your current SEPCO Bill will be on the screen after a few seconds. You have to “Save as” or download the invoice to pay it. With these simple steps, you can save a lot of time and invest it at any other place of your business.

You will not have to visit any place physically if you have understood the above procedure completely.

How to pay the SEPCO Bill from home?

Multiple ways enable you to pay your electricity bills online. These platforms do not allow you to pay electricity bills only but also other bills of various dimensions. Similarly, SEPCO has given access to multiple micro-banks and other platforms to collect your bills.

The list of these platforms includes the most used methods of money transfer, including EasyPaisa, Omni Services, JazzCash. So, it has become effortless for a consumer to complete every task by sitting in front of his computer.

You only need to know the exact reference ID of your bill or connection.

speco bill

Contact Us

You may report your complaints related to SEPCO online bill by using the following contact us section.

SEPCO Head Office: Head Office Thermal Power Station Old Sukkur

Telephone: 071-9310795 / 071-5621633

Fax Number: 071-5621633 / 071-9310797

SEPCO Regional Customer Service Center Minara Road Sukkur: 

Telephone Number: 071-9310921

Fax Number: 071-9310917

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We have done comprehensive research to design this study for the sake of your comfort. So, you should understand this procedure to complete the task effectively. It would help if you did not visit multiple places because of this valid and complete collection of information. You only need to perform this procedure step by step to get your SEPCO Detection Bill. No more hurdles will come in your way if you follow this procedure correctly without a deviation.

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