TESCO Bill 2021 – Check, View, and Download Online Tesco Duplicate Bill

Like all other Pakistan companies, TESCO is also offering the service of TESCO online bill payment method.  If you are using TESCO electricity facilities under the WAPDA tag, you can also pay your bills quickly with your mobile phone.tesco bill


With this feature, the time used for this process, including going to the bank to pay the bill, has reduced much. You can efficiently complete this task by sitting anywhere.

This section of our platform will discuss the process briefly that you must follow for better outcomes. You should not leave any section from the following to avoid any problem in the process of paying your bill online.

We will describe the whole process in steps to make it easy for you to digest its outcomes.

Which Regions are Covered by the TESCO Bill Company?

TESCO is the representative form of Tribal Areas Electric company. It is a sub-unit of WAPDA that deals with every factor related to Tribal areas of Pakistan.

Further, it covers the surrounding regions too. Every single part of the electricity bill and its issues are including in the services of this company.

You will get your TESCO bill, consumer ID, and every other feature from this platform. In this way, it is the most important platform for you, especially if you are living in their zone.

So, you should know every feature and service of this platform to complete your concerns related to them.

tesco bill

TESCO covers Mohmand Agency, Kuram Agency, South and North Waziristan Agency, ORakzai Agency, Khyber Agency, and surrounding areas. Every user of these areas has to connect with this company for any problem in their electricity connectivity.


Whether you need your bill in hard copy or want to start a new connection in Pakistan’s Tribal area, you have to connect with this company. Without their permission, you would not be able to complete this task legally.

So, you must understand every instruction that we are going to discuss here in the next lines.

What you have to know about Paying a TESCO Bill Online?

For every process related to your utility bill payment, you need some information. The information will allow you to avoid mistakes and pay your bill appropriately. So, you should need to know about that before you start this process to pay your TESCO bill online.

You have heard about reference numbers or consumer ID. If you are a legal user of WAPDA, you have your particular and unique consumer ID.

Every user has a different ID with which he can access multiple services from the service providers. It is the essential information that you need in this complete process.

You must get a previous bill in formidable form for paying your bill. It is because you can easily find your consumer ID here. You will not have to search for multiple documents if you have a hard copy of it.

In the upper corner, you can see your consumer Id or reference number in the third or fourth line.


According to your requirements, you may also note this reading on a paper. But keep in mind that the reference number is the only thing with which you can pay your TESCO bill online.

Moreover, you will waste your money if you have noted the wrong reference number from your account. So, be careful in this case and get your reference number with full attention.

 Secondly, you need an account of a trusted bank that is providing services for online bill payment. Usually, this list includes JazzCash and Easypaisa that are used mostly in the entire country. 

You may also use other banks, including Allied bank, HBL, UBL, and others. Before starting the process, look and verify that you have permission for online payments from your account.

Now, the process comes in the field with which you can get your TESCO online bill and pay it in your desired way.

How to pay TESCO Bill Online?

This process includes the step by step process. First of all, you should have to know about your place’s billing statement to pay that amount.

For this reason, you have to visit the official platform of TESCO by clicking here TESCO. Then, you only have to open the official website of the forum.

 Here, you will get the section named bill inquiries. You only have to open it with your mouse right-click. 

Now, you have to enter your consumer ID in the box that will pop up in front of you. You only have to submit the information by using the button on the right side of it.

Within a few moments, a new window will pop up in front of you on the screen. You can match your reference number with the bill that appeared on the screen.

Further, you may also see other information like the owner and others’ names to make sure you have opened the right bill. After confirming this, you only have to scroll down your window’s screen.


In the right bottom corner, you will be able to see the payable amount of your bill. Further, you will also come to know about the payable amount after the due date.

Many consumers look for bill calculations for a better understanding of bill payment. For such people, TESCO has reserved a section in the center of the bill almost.

You can see the price per unit and the total calculating amount by multiplying it with your units. So, you can consult if you are looking for a calculation of your bill. Now, you can choose two different options.

One of them is that you have seen your payable amount, and you can pay it using your bank account. As you know about your consumer ID, so, you should not need to get the hard copy of the bill presented on the screen.

 You have to go to your bank account’s application and open the section of online bill payment. 

Here you have to put your reference number and enter it for further process. Every bank has the same reference ID section, but the next procedure of every bank is different. This is where the first process ends up.

In the second process, you can get a bill print and keep it in your home for future usage. You may also do this to know about the exact amount of your bill and note reference ID.

It is good to download your bill online to keep it for future proof. But you can pay the bill online directly if you want.

So, it is your choice which process you want to choose. You may also visit the website and use their calculator for doing proper TESCO bill calculation if you feel any mistake in your bill.

What can I do through TESCO online platform?

Being a consumer of TESCO, you can do multiple jobs with the online platform of this company. You would not have to go for doing any job like bill collection physically in their office.

You can do this job by sitting on your chair and using your computer. Furthermore, other issues like demanding a new connection, load shedding timing, and many others can be completed from this platform.

You only have to visit them online, and you will get complete guidance from customer support and already published content on their website. The most used feature of this online platform is the issuance of duplicate TESCO bill.

 Almost every user happens when he lost his bill and now looking for some support to get it back and pay it. 


Without consumer ID pasted on the bill, he can not pay his bill online too. He may have to go to the TESCO office and write an application for a TESCO duplicate bill copy in such situations.

In this process, he may use many hours. You only have to visit TESCO online and write your reference number for being away from such cases.

By clicking submit, you can see an option for a duplicate bill. You can now get a bill print and keep it in your record to meet any unexpected issue in the future.

Abide by this issue; you can also report any kind of problem regarding electricity connectivity, bill mistakes, and any other on this platform.

Contact Us

You may also contact the TESCO official platform if you have any other query that is not described yet.

Phone Number: 00441992632222

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The Final Note

Using the above procedure, you can pay your bills using your mouse clicks on the computer screen. You would not have to worry now about investing enough time. But you can do whatever you want related to the TESCO bill online by sitting on your chair. By doing this, you can enjoy the services by TESCO without any fluctuations.


Why is Consumer ID necessary for TESCO online bill?
Consumer ID is the only thing in the bill that keeps the user different from any other user. It is unique for every user. By using your ID, you will pay your house bill. But if you have written the ID of any other customer, you will pay his bill, not yours. Due to this reason, a Reference number or consumer ID is essential for TESCO online bill pay.
What to do for the online application of the new connection of the TESCO bill?
It is recommended to visit the official platform of the TESCO bill and search for the form here. You only have to complete the form and submit it with the required documents. In some cases, you would have to appear before the team physically after submitting your application with your original documents. Any further information will be displayed on your screen when you open the TESCO online platform’s official page.

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