Ufone Internet Packages (3G, 4G) – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Packages 2021

Ufone is a telecommunications operator that is adapting and developing in an evolving marketplace. The purpose of Ufone is to provide a service that catches all users’ imagination to help keep people connected. Ufone provides its customers a wide variety of web packs.

The telecom giant has succeeded in becoming Pakistan’s third-leading telecom operator, gaining a major presence in the telecommunications industry. For its pre-paid and post-pay customers, the company introduced several new 3G and 4G Ufone internet packages and social packages.

Consequently, they have planned to provide a wide variety of 3G Mobile Internet Postpay and Prepaid packs to meet all needs and needs of Pakistani consumers.

Ufone Internet packages 2021 are highly affordable. Ufone has certainly launched new offerings and won its hearts to its customers. To make it easier for the consumer to deliver Internet packages on a regular, weekly and month-to-day basis. These numerous packages offer consumers the ability to pick one that fits their needs more easily.

This article presents an overview of mobile internet packages provided by Ufone.

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 Prepaid Tariffs 

 The Ufone Prepaid deal is known as buckets and has a large range of seals that meet the needs of the lightest data consumers.

The buckets are classified as the daily, 3-day, weekly, monthly, and social data buckets. As you can see, they have internet packages that fulfill the diverse requirements of consumers in many varied contexts.

 Daily Buckets 

If you are more comfortable in enabling the packages every day, Ufone provides several choices (which are mentioned below). You can enable them easily, anytime and at affordable rates. These inexpensive packages will not burden you and you will be able to enjoy them without any stress. These Regular Buckets cover RS.10-12 and have data volumes from 40 to 2GB, with data remaining from 7 to 24hrs.

Following is Ufone Internet packages daily 24 hours, Ufone internet packages daily code, cost, volume, duration, subscription and withdrawal methods.


SPECIAL DAILY 50 MB + 500 MB(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) Rs. 6 Dial *3461# 1 AM – 9 PM
DAILY LIGHT 40 MB + 500 MB(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) Rs. 12 Dial *2256# 1 Day
MEGA INTERNET 2 GB Rs. 15 Dial *550# 1 AM – 8 AM
DAILY HEAVY 75 MB + 500 MB(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) Rs. 18 Dial *2258# 1 Day

 3-Day Buckets 

The 3-day internet package is available at a price of Rs.25 and a 24-hour data volume of 100Mb. Whereas weekly packages are available at aa price range of Rs.50-125 and a data volume of 250MB to 1GB. The time of these buckets is between 24 hours and 7 days and gives users a versatile choice. You can subscribe directly to this number on the Ufone website and use the web for three days. You will then check how you turn it on and how it will charge you when you turn it on.

Following is Ufone internet packages 3 days, which includes cost, volume, duration, subscription and withdrawal methods.

3 DAY BUCKET 100 MB + 500 MB(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) Rs. 30 Dial *3350# 03 Days

 Weekly Buckets 

In the weekly bucket, there are Superior Internet and Weekly Internet Plus are the packages offered by Ufone.

SUPER INTERNET 1.2 GB Rs. 130 Dial *220# 07 Days
WEEKLY INTERNET PLUS 6GB (includes 3GB from 1am to 8am) Rs. 175 Dial *260# 07 Days

 Monthly Buckets 

Their Monthly Buckets will provide certain users with a large number of dates, but the rates vary from Rs.250 -1,000 to 10 GB with a superb flexibility of data volumes.

Following are the monthly internet packages, including rates, volume, duration, subscription and un-subscription information, are offered by Ufone to its users.


SUPER INTERNET PLUS 8 GB + 5 GB(WhatsApp) Rs. 499 (load) Dial *290# 30 Days
MONTHLY LIGHT 1 GB + 2 GB(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) Rs. 390 (load) Dial *7807# 30 Days
MONTHLY HEAVY 3 GB + 2 GB(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) Rs. 780(load) Dial *803# 30 Days
MONTHLY MAX 10 GB + 2 GB(WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) Rs. 1560 (load) Dial *5100# 30 Days

 Social Data Buckets 

The Social Data Buckets are very economical, especially offered to social media users. Their price varies from Rs. 05 to Rs.50 with a data volume of 100 MB, 10,000 SMS, and free use of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp or unlimited WhatsApp

Ufone provides its customers with entertainment packages, which keep them linked with their relatives and friends and let them enjoy online streaming.

SOCIAL DAILY 10,000 SMS + 500 MB (WhatsApp) Rs. 6 Dial *3465# 01 Day
STREAMING OFFER 500 MB (YouTube, Dailymotion) Rs. 10 Dial *78# 01 Hour
SOCIAL MONTHLY 1 GB (WhatsApp, FB, Twitter) Rs. 60 Dial *5858# 30 Days

You can also just dial *3# to choose your favorite Ufone 3G and 4G Buckets.

 Post-pay Tariff  

Their Post-payment options provide a solid choice for users’ info. Ufone has accepted that those who need data are expected to supply four monthly buckets that appear to capture both users and their requirements.

 Post-Pay Buckets 

Postpay 1Gb is the first Bucket, which offers 1GB of data for one month at the rate of Rs. 300. The Postpay 3GB provides 3 GB of data for a month and costs Rs.700 for those who need additional details. PostPay 5GB is great for people who listen online music or do digital streaming mostly, and it’s Rs. 1.000. The next choice is a postpay 5GB. A serious amount of data is included in the final package they sell. Postpay 10GB costs Rs.1200 and is ideal for those who are dependent on many details. Ufone internet packages are specifically tailored for individual users. They seek to leverage as many customers as possible with a variety of possibilities.

 Ufone Flash Internet Deals 

Besides the above deals, Ufone also has Flash Internet Packages:

MONTHLY LITE CASHBACK OFFER 1 GB + 2 GB (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line) Rs. 250 (Cashback of Rs.50) ufone.com/internet-offers/#1574158954412-4e7042c4-f72b 30 Days

Terms & Conditions for Ufone Prepaid Internet Packages

All of these packages only refer to consumers who are prepaid.

  • You need to dial *3# to subscribe package
  • You need to dial *706# to Check the balance of Prepaid 3G internet packages
  • Dial *707# to verify the remaining social data buckets balance.
  • One package is not permitted to accept more than one subscriptions.
  • For more than one subscriptions, Weekly 3G internet package is permitted.
  • Daily Internet packages are recurrent.  You need to dial relevant unsubscribe codes to unsub the package.

Terms & Conditions for Ufone Postpay Internet Bundle

All of these packages only refer to consumers who are postpaid

  • You need to dial *3# to subscribe package
  • You need to dial *4545# to Check the balance of Prepaid 3G internet packages
  • One package is not permitted to accept more than one subscriptions.
  • You can deactivate 3G by dialing *7701#

Limitations of Ufone Mobile Internet Bundles

  • Several subscriptions are approved only for Monthly & Super Monthly bundles.
  • The MB’s number will increase but expire 24 hours after the subscription. Multiple subscriptions are permitted only with the Daily Manual kit (Daily)
  • Access only to a bunch and short-code for the brand ‘Uth Pack’
  • Not given self-subscription i.e. After 30 days the subscription expires (Monthly & Super Monthly)
  • This package cannot be used by users on other Ufone packages.

Ufone Mobile Internet Bundle Inquiry

Uth Pack users can check the remaining of the subscribed bundle using the shortcode given below

  1. Shortcode: 6821 @ Rs. 0.50+Tax or
  2. Dial *706# @ 20paisa+Tax.

Final Words

Naturally, you have to find a suitable plan, which meets your budget requirements and provides the value you want, if you need a mobile internet package to fulfill your needs. This means finding one with the right quantity of data and the right price. It takes time to check for each provider manually, but you can compare a large number of providers on an instant in this review. This will help you make an educated decision, so the best value for money is achieved. Packages can be compared in seconds, so that will save you a lot of time and money. We give you the ability to equate internet bundles, Ufone internet package daily, Ufone internet packages 3 days, Ufone internet packages night, Ufone internet packages free, Ufone internet packages daily code, Ufone internet packages WhtsApp, Ufone call package, and SMS packages.


Q: How do I receive free ufone data?

A: You get 5gb internet completely free of charge if you have access to 5gb of unrestricted Internet offer *987#. Contact *5015# on your SIM ufone after you get a confirmation call. Follow the steps now and enjoy the free online data.

Q: What is the Ufone’s best monthly internet package?

A: Ufone monthly internet package

GB: 30 Days of validity. Subscribtion in Rs. 390(load).

Q: Does Ufone provide 4g?

A: Ufone is focused on enhancing its customer satisfaction and is striving to extend quality service LTE/4G across Pakistan.

Q: Is WhatsApp free of charge on ufone?

A: Stay with loved ones, because Ufone now offers Free WhatsApp for everyone! You are now completely free to use Free WhatApp, video call or non-stop chats!

Q: How to subscribe Ufone internet package 7 days?

  • You need to dial *260# to subscribe for the ufone internet package weekly.
  • 6 GB is provided in this package (6144 MBs).
  • Weekly Internet Plus is not recursive.
  • On any commercial prepaid bundle, Weekly Internet Plus is accessible.
  • It is permitted to multiple subscriptions.

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