WASA Bill Online 2021 – Check and Download Latest WASA Duplicate Bill

A man needs some things to live a happy life. He has to pay some price for those factors and needs. In the same way, the people of Faisalabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Multan, and its surroundings have to pay the WASA Bill Online and others related to utility necessaries.

The main focus of our research this time is to tell you about WASA and its billing system. Furthermore, we will discuss some factors which will enable you to get your bill online and pay it with the respective method.


You only need to focus on this article to pay your bill and get the expected outcomes from your working process. Let’s start reading about WASA and its related working sections.

What is the functioning of the WASA Bill Online 2021?

WASA is the short form of Water and Sewerage Authority. It is the company that regulates the water supply, pipelines maintaining and other tasks related to this dimension.

WASA started in 1969 by a special law of Parliament to provide better facilities to the third biggest city in the country.

Furthermore, the company has the basic task to provide services of pure and clean water to the population of this industrial hub of Pakistan. For every service from the Govt, you always need to pay the bill for that.

If you are a citizen of Faisalabad, you should need to pay your WASA bill within the due date to get valuable services.


In the next sections, we will discuss some prominent factors that you have to look at while paying your bill. Also, we will tell you a feasible method to pay your WASA Multan bill.

After completing this reading, you would not need to search for the WASA Faisalabad, wasa Multan, wasa Rawalpindi helpline. It is because you will get complete information on this platform from the starting point to the end.

What are the Appropriate Methods to Pay WASA Bill Online?

Every utility bill payment sections have two basic methods now. One of them is traditional that we have been doing for many years. In this method, we will get our bill at our doorstep.

The bill distributor will distribute bills by visiting the houses one by one. Then, the consumer will have to pick it up and go to ay nearest bank to pay his bill.

It is a time-consuming process but we have been doing this for many years because there was no other method. But WASA is also providing services to pay their bills online. Like all other companies of Pakistan, the consumer can do bill online payment without taking a single step from his place. You will need to get access to your bank account or micro-bank accounts like JazzCash and EasyPaisa.


With the help of them, you have to follow some steps in the process and click on your required sections. In the end, you will be able to pay your bill with this method.

It has become very popular because it saves time and allows the user to complete his task easily by sitting on his chair and table.

For completing the process of online bill payment, you must get some other information.

Without that information, you will not be able to pay your bill or mistakenly pay someone else. In this way, you can lose money and get stuck in some serious issues.

How to get a (Water and Sewerage Authority) Bill instead of a post?

With internet availability, everything related to the WASA duplicate billing is available on your computer. You can do every single task related to WASA including WASA Faisalabad Jobs 2020 and WASA Faisalabad Tariff.

In short, you can do every single task with the official platform of WASA online. The issue of going to the WASA office in the past has been resolved by this method.

In the same way, you can get your bill on your computer screen and get a print of it. You do not have to do many struggles in this case because everything is available in the pre-planned format on this website.

You only have to visit it with your concern and get your desired answers. For instance, you can get the WASA contact number for any complaint.

Further, you may also access the managing director WASA directly to report complaints or any issue.


Now, let’s move towards the actual point that is the process of getting the WASA bill online.

You only have to visit the official website of WASA and provide your customer number. It is normally termed as a WASA account number. By filling in this number, you will be able to see your bill in front of you.

The only thing you have to do is download or get a print of it directly.

For downloading the bill, you simply have to save the picture and get the print of it whenever you want. In the same way, you may also get a print of it directly.

What is WASA Duplicate Bill and EAC in WASA bill?

Sometimes, the consumer lost his bill’s copy and unable to pay his bill. Due to this reason, he may have to visit the Head Office with his ID card to get a copy of his bill.

But you can now get your bill online by simply clicking on it. WASA duplicate bill can be downloaded by simply providing the WASA account number.

You just have to submit the information and you will get a duplicate bill of WASA. It is the same as the original with minor changes that a common person can not identify.

You can pay your bill by using the duplicate bill too. Therefore, you must visit the online platform of WASA to get your bill and pay it online.

EAC in WASA bill is a special term that allows the users to get their bill via Email and donate their money to someone directly.

The money that will be saved from users’ posts and the paper print amount by sending them online bills via Email will be donated by this method. A charity of your own choice will be given that amount and you will get your bill on your computer.

You have now gained enough information about the WASA bill and online payment of it.

Wasa Faisalabad Contact Information

Address: Water and Sanitation Agency Faisalabad, Near Allied Hospital, Jail Road
Faisalabad, Pakistan
Phone Number: +92 41 921 0049-50
Fax Number: +92 41 921 0054
Email Information: [email protected]

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