Zong Internet Packages (3G, 4G) – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Packages 2021

Zong is Pakistan’s biggest and most rapidly developing 4G network. Its 4G coverage in Pakistan touches more than 100 cities, and this number increases every day. In order to keep up with your friends and loved ones, Zong continues to offer 4G Zong Internet Bundles.

Zong has hit a new landmark of more than 6 million active subscribers. Zong 2G/3G/4G has continued to develop its network and services in order to meet the customer’s needs by offering a unique combination of affordability with seamless connectivity through a relentless emphasis on customer needs.

Started in Pakistan in 2008, Zong was regarded by telecommunications giants like Ufone, Jazz, and Telenor as one of the nation’s leading operators. Now it is one of the growing, growing, and reliable telecommunications providers. Like other telco providers, Zong also provides its valued customers extremely cost-effective Internet buckets.

Zong continues to offer Zong 4g packages to keep you in contact with friends and relatives. For postpaid as well as prepaid users, Zong has launched Internet packages (Zong also has very reasonable Call and SMS Packages).

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Zong Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Zong 4G worked to expand the infrastructure and services, with a relentless emphasis on consumer needs, to satisfy consumers’ needs, thereby providing a rare mix of simplicity and wireless integration. Here’s an internet special deal for Zong Daily, weekly, monthly, and weekly.

Essentially, there are 4 forms of (prepaid) Zong internet packaging, described in the following:

  1. Zong Daily internet packages
  2. Zong Weekly internet packages
  3. Zong Monthly internet packages
  4. Zong Social content bundles

Zong Daily Internet Packages

There are four types of zong internet packages daily conclusively:

  1. Daily basic

By using the Zong daily package, you can improve your function. This plan offers 100MB of the internet in 17 rupees and taxes for 24 hours.

  1. Daily data max

You can get additional 500 MBs and 500 MBs for YouTube for other requirements. These packages are only available for rupees 38 plus tax.

  1. Daytime offer

For specifically 4am to 7pm, get 200MB (15 hrs). Use the Zong internet services to make your day most efficient. There are just 16 rupees plus the tax you have to pay.

  1. Good night Offer

If you are a night owl, you can get 2.52 Gb. You need to pay16 rupees per tax. This offer is from 1 am to 9 am.

Bundle Price Volume Validity
Daily Basic Rs. 17 100MB 1 Day
Daily Data Max Rs. 38 500MB 1 Day
Zong Day Time Offer Rs. 16 1200 MB 1 Day  (4 AM-7 PM)
Zong Good night Offer Rs. 14.5 2.5 GB 1 Day (1AM-9 AM)
All in 1 Daily Rs. 20 40MB, 40 on-net, 4 off-net minutes, 400 SMS 1 Day
  • You need to dial *6464# to enter into the activation menu
  • You can dial *102# in order to check the remaining Mbs
  • In the absence of any bundle or after the expiry of the bundle Rs. 1/MB & will be charged.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

There are 5 types of zong internet packages weekly conclusively:

  1. Super weekly
  2. Super weekly plus
  3. Super weekly max
  4. Super weekly premium
  5. Haftawar Load Offer

Zong offers the following Weekly Internet packages. Their rates, volumes, and how to subscribe are given below in order to provide its user with package information.

Bundle Price Volume Validity
Super Weekly Rs. 120 2.5GB 7 Days
Super Weekly Plus Rs. 160 5GB 7 Days
Super Weekly Max Rs. 200 10 GB (5GB is Available between 4AM to 4PM) 7 Days
All in One Weekly Rs. 150 700MB, 700 on-net, 40 off-net minutes, 700 SMS 7 Days
Haftawar Load Offer Rs. 180 1500MB, 1500 on-net, 75 off-net minutes, 1500 SMS 7 Days

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

For the entire month, Zong 4g monthly packages will give you comfort. A number of monthly packages are included; here are the information of all Zong 4g monthly packages. Five zong internet packages mahan are offered from 150mb to 10gb by Zong for monthly internet subscribers. Details are listed below;

  1. Monthly mini 150

You must’ve been low on the budgets if you’re a student. However, the Internet is your requirement in terms of study and analysis to collaborate with your students. Do not fret, Zong gives its customers a Monthly mini deal. For 30 days, you can enjoy 150 MB online. The price is as low as 50 Rupees plus tax for this mini package. Mini 150 Monthly: *6464#

  1. Monthly basic 500

It’s not ALL. This offer meets all your requirements if you need the Internet for some meeting scheduled, or Facebook browsing and academic content. You will pay your pocket money on a monthly basis. Just 150 rupees plus tax is paid. This helps you to enjoy 500MBRs seamless web services for 30 days directly.

  1. Monthly premium 3 GB

Are you searching for the package complete to fill all your internet needs? With your interest in mind, the Zong provides you with a 5GB amount of information at the most competitive price of 500 users.  It’s also 30-days package.

  1. Monthly premium 30 GB

How do people who don’t get the different GB companies TikTok and YouTube skip social entertainment? You will enjoy 15GB flat plus 15GB for YOUTUBE AND TikTok in this 30 days of Premium monthly packages. For 1000 rupees, you can use this deal. And with no worry, embrace the inter-services.

  1. Zong Super Card

With Zong Super card, you can enjoy 2000MB, 2000 on-net, 150 off-net minutes, 2000 SMS, 2GB for WhatsApp for the whole month.

Bundle Price Volume Validity
Monthly Mini 150 Rs. 50 150MB 30 Days
Monthly Basic 500 Rs. 150 500MB 30 Days
Monthly Premium 3GB Rs. 300 3GB 30 Days
Monthly Premium 30GB Rs.717 12GB + free nights (1GB FUP) 1am to 9am/Daily 30 Days
Zong Super Card Rs. 499 2000MB, 2000 on-net, 150 off-net minutes, 2000 SMS, 2GB for WhatsApp 30 Days

Zong Internet Social content Bundles

In addition to the above packages, Zong has also designed up to 5 Social internet packages for its customers that are mentioned below:

  1. Social pack
  2. Classified pack
  3. Facebook Daily
  4. Whatsapp Daily
  5. Twitter Daily

Details are mentioned in the table below;

Package Price Validity Volume
Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) Rs. 10 1 Day 100MB
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi) Rs. 5 1 Day 50MB
Facebook Daily Rs. 5 1 Day 50MB
Whatsapp Daily Rs. 15 1 Day 300MB
Twitter Daily Rs. 2 1 Day 20MB

 Guidelines to Avail Zong Internet Package 

Take the following guidelines for Avail Zong Internet Packages:

  • Dial *6464# to enter in to the tariff activation menu
  • You can have any offer by dialing the code above
  • This deal can also be used online by consumers.

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Zong add-on is simply an extra data volume to be supplied by a client, which can be used partially or entirely, by upgrading the current package.

  • Data: 100 MB
  • Validity: As per the validity of the data package
  • Cost: Rs. 10 + tax
  • Activation method: SMS ‘ba’ to 6464

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

For its postpaid customers, Zong has also offered a wide range of new Zong packages. Here’s the list of all Zong Bundles, enabling users to take advantage of the deal according to their preferences.

Z Postpaid Packages Free MB On-net Minutes Off-net Minutes SMS Monthly Line Rent Minimum Security Deposit
Z3000 25600 Unlimited 1200 5000 Rs. 2190 Rs.5000
Z1500 8,000 Unlimited 800 4000 Rs.1095 Rs.3000
Z900 4,000 Unlimited 500 2000 Rs.657 Rs.2000
Z500 2,000 1500 250 1000 Rs.365 Rs.1000
Z300 1,000 500 100 500 Rs.300 Rs.1000

Besides that, if you want to incorporate more data in your packages, Zong can also include add-ons for its prepaying clients. The add-ons are given in detail.

Z Postpaid Packages Price Volume Validity
zdata 3 GB Rs. 250 3 GB Till End of Billing Cycle
zdata 10 GB Rs. 600 10 GB Till End of Billing Cycle
zdata 20 GB Rs. 1000 20 GB Till End of Billing Cycle


  • You will be billing Rs. 4/MB if you are not subscribing to any data plan.
  • Write *6464# for the tariff menu.
  • Bundle rate (the data bundle and the add-on is not subscribed) shall be Rs. 1/MB before the end of a specific bundle.
  • For prepaid clients all the above mentioned internet packages are available
  • The remainder of your package can be reviewed at *102# @ Rs 10 paisa per question.
  • Bundles can be signed up after they have expired

Zong Internet Packages -Terms and Conditions:

  • Out of the Bundle rate is Rs. 1/MB and is paid according to the expiry of the bundle
  • The default Rs.4+Tax/MB rate will be charge if you use the Internet without subscribing to a data package.
  • The default minimum charge pulse is 1MB
  • The 12.5 percent advance income tax applies on charges/recharges
  • 5 per cent Sales Tax applies in Baluchistan, the KPK, Punjab & Sindh Province, on all data packages subscription, default Internet use and out of package uses.
  • 5% Sales Tax will apply in Baluchistan, KPK, Punjab and Sindh Province, on All Voice and SMs packs subscriptions, voice and SMS. 17% Voice & SMS subscription and use sales tax/FED in the rest of Pakistan is applicable

Frequently Asked Questions

The aforementioned packages are the best to satisfy all of your interns’ needs. However, here are the issues you may have asked.

 Q: How to Subscribe weekly and monthly Internet Packages offered by zong?

A: The subscription to these helpful packages is an easy way. Only enter the code on the keyboard and click on the call button. The confirmation messages will be sent to you. The codes for all packages are presented here.

Monthly Mini 150: Dial *6464#

Monthly Basic 500: Dial *6464#

Monthly Premium: Dial *6464#

Monthly Premium: Dial *6464#

Q: How to subscribe weekly and daily internet packages offered by Zong?

A: You need to dial the following codes for the relevant packages,

Super Weekly: Dial *6464#

Super Weekly Plus: Dial *20#

Super Weekly Max: Dial *220#

Super Weekly Premium: Dial *225#

Daily Basic: *6464# 1 Day

Daily Data Max: *5# 1 Day

Daytime Offer: SMS “dto” to 6464 Applicable from 4 am to 7 pm

Good Night Offer: SMS “gno” to 6464

How to UnSub Zong Weekly Internet Package

A: You will obtain the unsubscribe code when you subscribe for the specific packages

How to UnSub Zong Weekly Internet Package

You must dial *6464# for a subscription to subscribe. All information will be sent to you in the SMS.

How to unsubscribe from Daily Internet Packages
A: It’s very convenient. You need to send a message “unsub” to 909 for Zong daily packages to unsubscribe.

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